We Have Been Very Busy

I provided stories on some of the widows we were hoping to fund in Nigeria. I am thrilled to report that we gave loans to 26 widows of slain pastors. We are currently in a holding pattern to fund more. We want to make sure that everything is set up and working properly in the country before proceeding further.

Meanwhile, in Niger, things are going far better than expected and I am happy to report, accelerating rapidly. In the month of July alone we were able to fund 40 new loans. That is great however it is not the most exciting news. In the same time period, we have had 174 loans paid back that we have given to new recipients.

It was a few months back that we reached a milestone by funding 100 villages in Niger. We have now funded 147 villages. This rate will only increase as we have more and more loans paid back each month.

Thanks to all that have helped make this possible. In my next post, I would like to share some ways you can help other than financially.

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