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This is a picture of a little girl that I took in the slums of Nairobi. Only later when looking at the photo did I realize that it was the door of a church. It immediately reminded me of an old song by Jim Reeves "Welcome to My World" with lyrics that state “Knock and the door will be opened” which is based off a verse in Matthew. I love it for The Gemach Project because in Niger it is 97% Muslim and because of Gemach we are making loans in villages that would never allow Christians in. Consequently we see people accepting Christ in those villages. - Calvin Hemphill

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The Gemach Project works with indigenous pastors in third-world countries.  Once they have identified the poorest in their respective areas and have provided them with basic business training, The Gemach Project then seeks funding to supply their needs.  Once funding is raised the local pastors then make and oversee the loans.  We require that they do not charge any interest or fees for these loans.  Most loans are paid back within one year.  Once they are paid in full we ask them to then identify a new group in need and re-lend the money to them.  This cycle continues for seven years and seven loan cycles.  Once the seven years is completed and the loans are repaid we then, in accordance with the teaching in Leviticus, release the pastors from any obligation to The Gemach Project.  They then can use the money to supply needs in their areas.  For instance, they can keep on lending the money, build a school, buy Bibles for their congregations, etc.  Whatever they view as their greatest need they can then address.

The Gemach Project is founded on Biblical principles and that is why we do not charge interest on our loans and also why we release the funds at the end of seven years.

No one at Gemach receives a salary, 100% of the loans go to projects.  Occasionally we allow a 5% administration fee for the in-country person administrating the loans on behalf of The Gemach Project.

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