Five in Need!

The Gemach Project

The Gemach Project has identified five villages in southern Niger that are in urgent need of loans.  Many of these villages were severely damaged, if not destroyed, by recent flooding.  Many of the residents are forced to live in nearby villages.  They have requested Gemach loans so that they can bring their villagers back together, rebuild and establish a source of income.   In the other villages the men have to leave to find work leaving their families alone in the village to fend for themselves.  They have asked for loans so that they can establish a source of income and eliminate this need.  To fund these five villages we need to raise $22,000.  This is a huge task for our small non profit however we reach out in faith and appeal to you to help.  Please hit our donate button and give what you can.  All loans are for $100 each and if you can fund a loan we will send you information and a photo of the person you are helping.  A great family project during this holiday season.  All loans are expected to be repaid so that the funds can then go to another village in need.

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