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The Gemach Project is pleased to announce that God has blessed us once again enabling us to make 19 new loans in the village of Bomoanga, Niger.  With have been blessed to make 843 loans in Niger with a repayment rate of 99.53%.   Praise be to God.

Thirty-five loans have been paid back in Koulbou, Niger.  These loans were paid back at a rate of 100%.  With these funds we have made thirty-five new loans in Boindouli, Niger.  They are to be commended for all of their hard work and honest.  We thank them for being so faithful.

Sixteen loans in Sirimbana, Niger have also been paid back in full.  These funds have also gone to Bounbounga to fund sixteen additional loans.  I looked at one donation of $1,200 that was given.  These funds were used to fund the first loans we did in Niger.  They are now being used in Bounbounga where it is the donation’s fourth generation of loans.  I counted up all the members of the families that we have helped with that one donation I counted 356 individuals.  This number is actually low as I do not know how many children were in the first group of loans so I did not count any.  If you divide the $1,200 by the 356 people that these funds directly impacted, it shows that for $3.37 we are giving one person a chance to change their entire life.    If you count the children in the first group, the grandparents living with the families and the orphans they are probably taking care of, the cost is actually going to be closer to $3.00 each.  A cost that no other organization can match.

Twenty-four loans at $67 each have been paid back in Galbounda, Niger.  With those funds we have been able to fund seventeen $100 loans in Bounbouna, Niger.  We continue to have a repayment rate of over 99% in a country where 61% of the population survives on less than $100 per day.

The Gemach Project has been blessed to be able to fund 67 new loans in the villages of Bodol and Fayra in Niger.  Women from these two villages have joined together to grow Meringa trees and to sell the byproducts.  This project also includes two wells which are included in the loans to be repaid.  Thus adding an additional benefit to the two villages.   Please pray for the success of this project.


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The Gemach Project has launched a pilot program in Gambia with the issuance of 13 loans.  Please pray that we would have success in Gambia and that those receiving the loans would be blessed through these efforts.  Gambia is the eleventh country in which we have given loans.

Last year four brothers in Kehancha, Kenya recognized the need for a book store in their area to provide books to the local schools.  With a Gemach loan they were able to start that book store.  Within 8 months they had completely paid back their loan.  With those funds we have now made 5 new loans in Kehancha.  Another example of Gemach loans not only helping individuals but also helping the community.

Today we made 27 new loans in the village of Koulbou, Niger.  These loans were made to a group of single young women who want to start a dyeworks.

With these loans we have been blessed to make over 2,500 loans amounting to over $300,000.  I remember trying to raise the funds to start the first group of loans.  It took me over a year to raise $1,500.  Once I realized that God would provide and I stepped back to allow him to do so,  he has continually blessed us.

It will be amazing to see what God has in store for us next as we are getting more and more requests for larger groups of beneficiaries.  I have no doubt that God will continue to amaze us and to provide.  To His Glory.

The Gemach Project is pleased to announce that by God’s blessing we were able to make 18 new loans in the village of Pouantega.

Bless continue to pray for all Christians in Niger as they are undergoing a time of persecution.  Ask for a blessing on these women as they start their new chance at a better life.

Despite their churches and homes being burned down earlier this month, our friends in Niger were told that we had funds for new loans they had requested but we knew that they were going through very difficult times and that we could wait to fund the loans.  Their response was to send the funds and they would find the time to help the poor.  As one pastor in Niger told us “The Gemach Project is the heart of our church”.  Enabling them to reach those that they may not have an opportunity otherwise to reach.  Therefore we have sent the funds and 22 new loans in Simiri, Niger have been made.  We admire their faith and dedication.

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