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An Interest Free Micro-Loan Program

This short video from our Founder, Calvin Hemphill explains what The Gemach Project is and the impact these interest free micro-loans have on peoples lives.

We just gave out our 1,000th loan in Niger.  One thousand and ten to be exact.  So I thought that this would be a good time to let you know how things are going there and a few statistics.

Repayment rate is 99.60%.

We have sent $57,325 to Niger so far.

We have given $96,584 worth of loans.  (Includes loans being paid back and the funds given to someone else.)  This amount will continue to climb as more loans are paid back.

The average total outlay of  funds to bring a family out of poverty in Niger is $56.76  Since the average family has five children this means that for every $8.11 spent we are bringing one person out of poverty.  Our people on the ground tell us that one loans actually benefits the recipient and 9 other people as most are taking care of the elderly or orphans.  This means that for every $5.76 spent we are changing the life of one person.  We are consistently told that three basic things change.  They do not have to worry about where their next meal is coming from, they can get medical attention as needed and they can pay the school fees so that their children can get an education.

It is my belief that there is no other organization that can bring someone out of poverty at the cost that we are doing it for.

Now let’s look at the implications not so easily judged:

A sense of worth and accomplishment in those receiving and paying back the loans.

Church attendance is growing.

Tithing is growing.

The entire community benefits as there is more money to be spent.

Opening doors in closed communities for the Gospel to be told.

Residents of these villages accepting Christ as their Savior.

We thank all that have supported us.  We thank those in Niger that oversee these loans.  We thank the people that are so conscientious that have paid back these loans.  Most of all we thank our Living God for giving us the vision and supplying the means to get this done.


Djabo, Niger

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Fourteen loans were paid back in Pencangou, Niger.  These loans were paid back at a rate of 100%.  Praise God.

With these funds fourteen new loans have been made in Djabo, Niger.  Please pray that these loans will continue to bring those in need out of poverty.   Not just for a day or a year but for their entire lives.  Thank you to all of you who have given us support.

Muslim loans

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Last year we made one hundred loans to poor Muslim women in a village of Niger.  I am happy to report that half of those loans were paid back and the other half will be paid back this month.  The great news is that not only are they getting out of poverty, they have also heard the gospel for the first time and have been given a choice.  Some of them have utilized this choice and are now Christians.

Because of this success we have utilized some of these returned funds by giving loans to Muslim women in another village.  May we pray for a repeat of the success we had in the first village.

True Religion

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The Bible tells us that true religion is helping widows and orphans in need.  So we are pleased to announce that we have issued thirty-five new loans in Kehancha, Kenya.  Not only will these loans impact 35 poor families they are directly impacting 14 widows and 17 orphans.  May we continue to be a tool that God can use to help those in need.  Pray for their success in their businesses and for ability to continue the work we have started.

My Apologies

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It has been a very busy summer with weddings, new roof, working etc and I have been negligent in getting out all of the updates of which they are many.  I will start getting those out starting with this one.

We had 24 loans paid back in Kehancha, Kenya and have made 23 new loans in the same area.  Our loan coordinator in this area has done an excellent job and all loans made here have been paid back at 100% with no delinquent loans.  Praise God.

As of this writing our loan administrator for this area, Sylvanus, has come down with Typhoid and Malaria.   He is in very good hands as his father and one of his sisters are nurses.  He would appreciate your prayers both for his health and for the success of these businesses.

The sixteen recipients of loans In Nacodemo, Kenya have been blessed and each one was able to completely pay back their loan.  With those funds we have been able to make sixteen new loans in Huruma, Kenya.  Many of these recipients are widows or those raising orphans.  Curenntly we have made 246 loans in Kenya with a repayment rate of 99.19%.  A true blessing from God to whom we give thanks.

Burundi is reminding us all of just how volatile Africa is and how things can change very quickly.  This last year we gave  loans in two different locations in Burundi.  Unfortunately since those loans were given there was an attempted coupe and one of the opposition leaders was killed.  Burundians remember the genocide in the 90s where hundreds of thousands were killed.  Fearing a return to those days the situation in Burundi has become extremely tense.  Those that received loans either can not conduct business or have fled the country fearing the worst.  Parts of these loans have been paid back but of course we can not make any new loans with those funds until the situation stabilizes.  As for the existing loans there is very little chance that these loans will be repaid.

This is not the first set back we have experienced now will it probably be the last.  We do not know the intricacies of God’s plans so of course we may have fulfilled what he wanted us to do without having the loans repaid.  We must trust that His Will will be done and we will press on trusting that he is with us.  Please pray for stability to return to Burundi and that the violence would end.


The Gemach Project is pleased to announce that God has blessed us once again enabling us to make 19 new loans in the village of Bomoanga, Niger.  With have been blessed to make 843 loans in Niger with a repayment rate of 99.53%.   Praise be to God.

Thirty-five loans have been paid back in Koulbou, Niger.  These loans were paid back at a rate of 100%.  With these funds we have made thirty-five new loans in Boindouli, Niger.  They are to be commended for all of their hard work and honest.  We thank them for being so faithful.

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